Client Testimonials

“Tim is probably the world's BEST tree-climber, and a wonderful teacher. I would endorse him 500 percent!”

“Tim assisted us in making the documentary short film "Treebark", which profiled the sport of recreational tree climbing. Tim not only appeared in the film as an expert tree climber, but also facilitated the filmmakers in capturing dramatic interviews and scenes aloft in the canopy. Tim is capable of complicated rigging aloft for people and gear, and is an expert at getting newcomers in and out of a tree safely. As an instructor he is very thorough, a gifted teacher, and emphasizes safety first and foremost. Tim is a perfect choice for any scientific, TV/filmmaking, or eco-adventure expedition involving tree climbing.”

“Tim “Tengu” Kovar is the absolute top in recreational tree climbing instruction, facilitating and guiding. He has taken the techniques and teaching methods of this evolving field to a new level. He is very experienced, safe and in tune with all different kinds of students and trees. I have taken BTCC, SRT, and Facilitator courses from him and assisted him with classes and facilitated climbs.”

“Tim is a priceless asset to any project or recreation being done in a tree climbing environment. His calm demeanor, friendly personality, and attention to detail not only puts you at ease, but gives you confidence in a challenging environment. If you are up in trees, Tim is your man.”

“To describe Tim as a master tree climbing instructor is an understatement. He has trained the best tree climbing facilitators and instructors around the world, from India to the Amazon. Tim knows trees and his expertise in guiding and instructing people aloft is beyond comparison. I have been privileged to not only be trained by Tim but also to work with him in guiding and instructing. He gives his clients space to learn while keeping them and the environment they are learning in safe. Congratulations to anyone who choses to train with him. Get ready to have your world view expand upward.”

“Participating in a tree climbing class with Tim as an instructor was a real high point for me in 2010. I learned a lot, this says a lot since I am a Certified Arborist and climb trees for work. Climbing with Tim was a joy. I want to be able to do again in the future. I would recommend Tim as an instructor to anyone. After a class with Tim your view of trees will forever be different.”

“Tim is an excellent teacher of tree climbing who puts his soul into creating a respectful relation between trees and humans. If there's anyone I'd trust my life to, it's Tim. He has both the moral responsibility and the technical skill it takes. Moreover his teaching is filled with humor and philosophical depth, he's a natural born storyteller. I constantly find myself quoting several of his aforisms. Tim Kovar is high quality on the high levels of tree tops mixing with sky.”

“Tim is the epitome of the eco-conscious, modern day, global Lorax...spreading the seeds of the love for the trees. He's the everyman recreational tree climbing instructor that we all envy. His freedom, his love of nature and his willingness to share his philosophy excites climbers worldwide as they share 'tree time' with 'Tengu'.”

“Tim's the best in the business at teaching and facilitating tree climbing. We have worked with Tim extensively in the United States and Costa Rica to get us into the trees safely and efficiently. We appreciate his dedication to our safety, his work ethic, and his passion for climbing.”

"As a herpetologist whose work requires canopy access in neotropical cloud forests, I can heartily give my highest recommendation to Tim Kovar for doubled rope tree climbing training. Tim has provided both me and my students with basic and advanced tree climbing instruction. He is always safety conscious and emphasizes this throughout. Tim is as knowledgeable about gear, knots, safety etc. as he is a great teacher. His demeanor is friendly and he is patient with students of varying skills and abilities. One of the things I have appreciated about Tim besides his great teaching, is his flexibility in scheduling training to accommodate our needs. Any researchers that require access to forest canopies and want to use minimal mechanical gear and maximal utility and safety should schedule a training session with Tim Kovar."

Tim has provided the skill, confidence and impetus for a new generation of canopy scientists in India. His courses were very comprehensive and covered all the basics of the SRT and DRT methods. As some of us had prior tree work experience, Tim tailored the courses according to our skill levels. He presented the course in a very concise and informative manner. The information was accessible and engaging, interspersed with anecdotes from Tim’s own work. The techniques learned are now being used for various research projects on birds, small mammals, frogs and tree pollination across India. Tim's respect and concern for the well being of the trees is inspiring and I highly recommend his course.

“Tim is a great outdoor trainer, in particular within the realm of tree climbing: challenging, inspiring, funny, knowledgeable, ambitious, likeable. In brief, a good trainer and a good man. Always looking for opportunities to work with Tim again!”

“Tim taught me how to climb trees (in the Amazon) for a story I wrote in Fortune Small Business in 2007. He's a fantastic instructor and a delightful person to be around.”

“I hired Tim for a custom climbing course in preparation for a large multi-year research and multimedia project. The course was a huge success and Tim became a close friend. Later, Tim was able to join us in the field in Costa Rica to assist with rigging and other project tasks. We never could have succeeded without his support. I'd highly recommend Tim if you are looking for someone to teach you to climb or to help with a climbing project!”

“I've known and worked with Tim for a number of years in a variety of different ways. Tim was key in helping me learn the skills I needed to climb trees so that I could report and write stories about a group of tree climbers who were climbing and measuring champion trees. He also helped out with a training for a youth group I work with, and we've worked together on a few marketing and cross-promotional projects. Regardless of whether he's climbing trees, or working on the business end of things, Tim has always been wonderful to work with. He brings creativity and fun to every project he's involved in, is extremely good with people, and also a great communicator. He's versatile, well-organized, and even in stressful or emotionally charged situations, he never loses his cool. I highly recommend him both personally and professionally!”

“I am a co-owner of a Tree House Bed and Breakfast located in Southern Oregon. Interested in recreation for our guests, I trained with Tim to be a Tree Climbing Facilitator. Upon meeting with Tim, we discussed the possibilities of using our property for tree climbing classes and events; it’s a perfect compliment to our business and gave me the opportunity to obtain the training I desired. In working with Tim, I found his respect for nature above board. The care and respect for our trees and property surmounts any expectations we might have had, the property is in better condition than before and Tim is respectful of other goings on around the property as well. Through Tim's enjoyable and tactful conversation I have gained a wealth of information truly valuable to someone whose largest investment and income is reliant on trees. Tim communicates with a high degree of professionalism; all concerns from insurance to safety and emergency planning are addressed. As a facilitator trained by Tim, I am confident in doing my job and truly blessed to have had him as my instructor. I look forward to any opportunity to climb with Tim; enjoyable learning every epic climb.”

“I have been a rock climber for 30+ years and a climbing/mountaineering instructor for 20 of those years. Why would I pay Tim Kovar to teach me rope techniques? Because I hope to assist a friend in a global environmental project, and I wanted to meet her mentor and taste their passion for the trees. What I discovered, in addition to wonder, beauty and fun, was a proficient educator with a heartfelt connection to the natural world. Tim was very confidant and adept with technical skills - this I would have expected. It was his supervision and risk management which wow'd me. He could assess the ability of each student, coach them appropriately (and individually), tell engaging stories in the midst of all the "mayhem", and still spot an incorrectly tied knot on the other side of the canopy! I know from experience how hard it is to do that. Also, on a personal note, I learned some cool new tricks that I am eager to share with my rock climbing buddies - bonus!  I definitely and enthusiastically recommend Tim to anyone interested in recreational tree climbing!”



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