The Company



To provide the safest known technical tree climbing techniques, while creating accessibility to the canopy for all.



To help others connect to our natural world in a safe, fun, educational and stimulating way that inspires others to protect our forest for future generations.



Tree Climbing Planet offers a variety of tree climbing classes, workshops and adventures focusing on technical tree climbing techniques to explore our planet’s rooftop. Our distinctive courses provide participants with in-depth, hands-on learning skills that deliver the confidence needed to go out and climb wild trees on your own or with a group.



The Instructor

Tim Kovar is a Master Tree Climbing Instructor with 30 years of teaching experience. His love and respect of nature, coupled with his wanderlust spirit, led him to metaphorically and literally take the vertical path less traveled. A path that has led him into the remote jungles of the world in pursuit of his vision to help connect others to our natural world.

In 1993, Tim began his career at Tree Climbers International in Atlanta, Ga., where he helped develop the standardized curriculum being taught around the
 world. Today, he continues to work closely with TCI, serving as their international instructor and ambassador, ensuring the integrity of the organization’s high standards. In 2005, the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest lured him to Oregon where he co-founded Tree Climbing Northwest, which was operated by New Tribe. In 2010, he branched out on his own and founded Tree Climbing Planet.

In pursuing his vision, Tim has had the opportunity to work with many passionate people. He has worked extensively with canopy researchers stationed around the world, including ornithologists in Indonesia, primatologists in Uganda, entomologists in Ethiopia, and herpetologists in India, and students in Central America.

A true believer in sharing his knowledge, Tim consults with eco-tour operators and budding entrepreneurs wishing to plant their own schools.


Career Highlights

  • Personal instructor to Richard Preston, author of New York Times bestseller, The Wild Trees
  • Research and development of professional tree climbing gear for New Tribe and TreeStuff
  • Guest instructor at international events
  • Guiding film crews and photographers into canopies around the world
  • Introduced over 20,000 people to the treetops through instruction and facilitation
  • Guided tree climbing expeditions in California Redwoods, India, Asia, Central America and the Amazon basin




 Special thanks to the following for their support in nurturing Tree Climbing Planet.