Pacific Northwest USA Location

Oregon City, Oregon USA

Classes April – October


TCP’s main location is located just south of Portland on 150 acres of forested farmland. Mature oak trees with wide crowns and suitable branches serve as the outdoor classroom, making learning easy for the novice. The site also contains a variety of elegant Big Leaf Maple trees, giant Douglas Fir trees, and revered Western Red Cedar trees, which play important roles as our teachers.


Our primary training tree is named Pagoda, a 75’ tall Oregon White Oak with a 3’ DBH (diameter at breast height). Pagoda has plenty of stout lateral branches for easy crown movement. Due to this architecture, students find her gentleness very contagious.


Food and lodging are not included in any of our courses. This location does allow camping on site via HipCamp, which most students prefer as it enhances camaraderie. No facilities are provided and a strict pack-it-in, pack-it-out rule applies.

HipCamp registration below.

*Note – First day of class is the first day you can reserve camping site. We can not accept campers the night before your course starts.

Cost is $30.00 per person per night.


Other nearby accommodations include:

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Clackamas Inn and Suites