Instructors Course

The art of teaching others


Our goal is to train competent world class instructors who can teach the art of technical tree climbing, thoughtfully from experience, not just knowledge.  The Basic Tree Climbing Course becomes your student’s foundation to climbing trees safely, hence no short-cuts should be taken when it comes to the basics.

The instructor course is not like any other course that is taught. Unlike your Facilitator Program, in which you had to complete an internship at your own location, you will work with TCP as an apprentice for the entire program. It may take up to a year to finish your Instructor Program and gain the TCP/TCI instructor status; however, depending upon the skills, experience, and training each student brings to the Instructor Program, the course may be modified on an individual basis.

The prerequisite to apply for the Instructors Program is to have graduated from the Basic Tree Climbing Course and the Facilitators Program. No exceptions are allowed. The average class time is 13 days. These days can be divided over several months or be done back-to-back.


A Basic Instructors Course typically includes the following:


  • “Guide to Teaching” and Advanced Rescue — 2 days
  • 1st BTCC – trainees (instructor in training) will observe a course being taught by their instructor and diligently take notes. The trainees will be responsible for the initial facilitated climb with the BTCC novices.  3 days
  • 2nd BTCC – trainees will be required to teach 2 of the class modules, under the supervision of the instructor.  2 days
  • 3rd BTCC – trainees will be required to teach at least 2 different modules, under the supervision of the instructor.  2 days
  • 4th BTCC – trainees will be required to teach the remaining modules, under the supervision of the instructor.  2 days
  • 5th BTCC – Graduation Course – trainee will teach the entire BTCC, under the supervision of the instructor. 2 days


Upon successful completion of the Instructors Course you will enter into the TCP/TCI Instructor lineage. You will graduate as a recognized TCP/TCI Instructor.


TCP/TCI Instructor Ladder:


  • Instructor – Teach BTCC and One Day Intro Course
  • Senior Instructor – Teach DRT BTCC, DRT Facilitator Program, and DRT Rescue Workshop
  • Master Instructor – This status requires completion through senior instructor status in SRT. Master Instructors can teach any and all tree climbing courses (except tropical tree climbing, which requires more specialized training).


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