Beyond the Branches

Philosophy of the tree climbing connection


Do you want a closer connection to your natural surroundings? Beyond the Branches is a guided experience designed to take you deeper into your tree time. This is not your typical skills and equipment class. In fact we will be talking about how to reduce the amount of gear we take into the trees, allowing us to engage with nature as closely as we can with the minimal amount of gear.

If you are an experienced DRT tree climber wishing to explore the potential of your relationship with trees and nature, please join us on this journey.

You will be required to stay on the property during the duration of this course. Some lessons go into the late evenings and early morning hours. The concept of time is not a factor with this course.

If you are guided here, you are welcomed.


Prerequisite – Proficient in DRT skills

Class Size – 8

Duration – 3 days

Suggested Cost – $750.00

2023 Dates/Location

Sept.14-16 / Oregon City, Or

Contact tim (at) treeclimbingplanet (dot) com


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