Advanced Basic Course

Ascending with ease

It seems new tree climbing techniques are being developed every other week. Some of these techniques/tools work well and have proven themselves over time as the new wave of climbing, other techniques have an advantage for talented folks, while others have fallen off the radar or are just plain dangerous.

Tree Climbing Planet has its finger on the pulse of these new techniques and has designed a new course focusing on building a safe and solid foundation using these new principles.

In this two day course you will learn new methods of canopy access and how to utilize and integrate them into your repertoire.

Day one focuses on D.R.T. “Hitchhiking” skills and slack tending devices, creating a smoother dance as you ascend.

Day two will be spent learning “Rope Wrenching” S.R.T. techniques, making your initial ascent seem effortless.

Class Size – 4 participants per instructor

Duration – 2 days

Cost – $475

2019 Dates/Locations

June 29-30 / Portland, Oregon

July 13-14 / Portland, Oregon (sold out)

August 10-11 / Portland, Oregon (sold out)




*Pre Requisite – Basic Tree Climbing Course, Basic Treeweek or Canopy Research Treeweek 


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